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*American and French Revolutions*
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This is a website with information about the American and French Revolutions. I will discuss the who, what, where, why and how of each revolution and compare and conrast them. I will also answer the following question: "What do the American and French Revolutions teach us about how people and groups gain, use, or lose power?" in my conclusion.

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If you click on each of the links at the top of this page, you can read information on different topics of the American and French Revolutions. The who includes important people involved in each revolution. The what is a brief summary of the revolutions. The where has a list of places involved, and some information about them. The why is the causes of the revolutions and the how is the actual battles or events that took place during them. You can also view the similarities and differences between the two revolutions. The link titled conclusion includes the answer to the ultimate question. Thanks for viewing my site!!!!

This site was created by Taylor Kelley
(Mrs. McGuire- World Studies 2004)

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