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*American and French Revolutions*
Who: French Revolution


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Church- During the French Revolution, the church had a great influence, throughout Christian Europe.
French Clergy- The French Clergy withdrew their support from the Revolution because the opposed the laws against the church. The First Estate was made up of the clergy. The Second Estate is made up of the nobility, and the Third Estate is made up of the bast majority of the population. (urban workers, poorest members, rural peasants)
Louis XIV- Louis XIV was the King of France for awhile. Louis left France in debt. He summoned the Estates General to meet at Versailles the next year. He made the Estates make cahiers of grievances.
Jacques Necker- Jacques Necker was a financial wizard and advisor. He tried to reduce court spending, reform government and abolish burdensome tariffs on internal trade.
Estates General- The Estates General was elected, and only men could vote. Mostly lawyers, middle-class officials and writers.
National Assembly- Delegates of the Third Estate declared themselves the National Assembly as they took a daring step.
Robespierre- Robespierre chaired the Committee Of Public Safety. He tried to silence the enemies to save France from invasion. He was executed in 1794.
Marie Antoinette- Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France, and the wife of King Louis XIV. She was killed in the guillotine like her husband in 1793. Enemies marching in protest during the revolution would call out for the queens blood. She wasn't liked very much. But she waited with firmness for the marchers that wanted her head.
Committee of Public Safety- The Committee of Public Safety was a twelve person group chaired by Maximilien Robespierre. Under the direction of the C. of P.S., The Reign of Terror took France under it for about a year.

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