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*American and French Revolutions*
How: American Revolution


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These are the actual battles and events in the American Revolution...

  • Boston Massacre- British soldiers opened fire on a crowd that was throwing stones and snowballs at them. Five protesters died. This took place in 1770.
  • Boston Tea Party- Colonists threw recently arrived tea into the harbor, protesting against tax on tea. Parliament set laws in punishment, and other colonies rallied to oppose the new laws. This took place in 1773.
  • Battle of Saratoga- Americans triumphed over British at Battle of Saratoga. They persuaded France to join the American against Britian. This took place in 1777.
  • French Fleet- Blockaded Chesapeake Bay, Washington forced the surrender of British Army at Yorktown, VA. This took place in 1781.
  • Treaty of Paris- American, British, and French diplomats signed a treaty. Britian recognized the independence of the U.S.A. This took place in 1783.
  • Fort Ticonderoga- Fort Ticonderoga had been in the hands of the British since the peace of Paris in 1763. It was captured by a troop led by Ethan Allen for the American colonies in the spring of 1775. It wasn't well maintained or well guarded when it was captured by Allens troop. Allen and the Green Mountain Boys took charge on the fort on May 10th at dawn, totally suprising the garrison.
  • Lexington- In April of 1775, the British arrived in Lexington to stop the militia and take their weapons and ammunition, but the militia called the Minutemen were waiting for them on the Lexington Green. The British fired at the militia, and the Minutemen left the scene. The British moved to Concord.
  • Concord- British soldiers were met at the Concord Bridge by a small group of militia. The militia fought the British soldiers, and the British retreated back to Lexington, as more Minutemen arrived from farms. The British were met again by American colonists in Lexington, so they went to Boston, and the Minutemen bothered them all the way there.
  • Battle of Trenton- In 1776, Washington took his army to Trenton with a surprise attack on the British. Washington attacked with 2,400 troops and they defeated the British in this battle. It was the first victory of the war.
  • Kings Mountain- The battle of Kings Mountain was said to be the turning point of the revolution. The Patriots got victory over the Loyalists and part of Cornwallis' army was destroyed. The battle slowed the British's movement into North Carolina. Cornwallis retreated to South Carolina.
  • Brandywine Creek- The battle of Brandywine Creek was fought in Pennsylvania, and won by the British.
  • Battle of Camden- In August of 1780, two armies met during their travels and decided to fight, so they met on the battle field the next day. The British regulars intimidated most of the militia, scaring them away before they even fired a shot. British won this battle.
  • Yorktown- Cornwallis went to Yorktown to start a naval base. General Washington went south with naval forces and the French, and they surrounded the British army, who surrendered and ended the war in 1781.

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