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*American and French Revolutions*
Where: American Revolution


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The American Revolution had many places involved. Here are most of them:

  • 13 Colonies- The 13 colonies were busy commercial centers that linked North America to the West Indies, Africa and Europe.
  • Boston- The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party both took place in Boston. (Go to the how link to read about those events.)
  • Countryside controlled by rebels, and the British controlled New York and Philadelphia.
  • France, Netherland and Spain added support to the English.
  • Chesapeake Bay blockaded from French fleet.
  • Mississippi accepted as new nations western frontier.
  • Saratoga was where another battle took place, one that lifted the Patriots spirits a bit, and stopped the British's threats to New England.
  • Fort Ticonderoga was in the hands of the British since 1763. Ethan Allen and his army captured Fort Ti in 1775, as it was not well guarded. Allen and the Green Mountain Boys took charge over the fort, surprising the garrison.
  • England ???????????????
  • York Town- The battle of Yorktown took place here, when Washington's army surrounded the British, causing them to surrender. This battle ended the revolutionary war of America and Britian in 1781.

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