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*American and French Revolutions*


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I checked all these sites over and I think they're all valid sites. Most of them had just small bits of information briefs on the specific topic I searched for. But they had the information I was looking for and it seemed to match up with what I've been learning so far. A few were sites w/ reports written by students but they had bibliographies on them, so they were pretty secure. I saw some with a little bit of bias towards one side or the other but I tried to work around the bias' and just get the facts.
Prentice Hall: World History: Connections To Today (book)
This book is a great source, it's where I got most of my information, unlike the little blurbs I got from the websites. The book is the World Studies course book and it has a lot of good information with good support. I trust the facts from this book, and it has no bias in it.

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