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*American and French Revolutions*


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The final question about the American and French Revolutions is as follows... What do the American and French Revolutions teach us about how people and groups fain, use or lose power? I answered it in the following paragraph:

In these revolutions, people and groups went through the cycle of gaining, using and losing power. The British held taxes and enforced laws on the American colonists and controlled them with the laws. They used that power to control America, but America got angry and they fought making the British lose their power. Groups try to rule and control other groups to gain power, but other groups often revolt if their smart, and take that power away. The French were low on money and food and wanted a new government, so they declared war on other countries like Austria to gain power. For them it seemed to have worked, since they wont their revolution. But the revolutions I've discussed here have taught us that people and groups go through the same vicious cycles of gaining, using and losing power to make themselves happy and are willing to hurt others in the way. I think it's a selfish way of living, and a hard thing to rise from, but it seems to be the way we survive so it's probably going to continue as long as it keeps going through the same cycle.

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