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*American and French Revolutions*
Short and Long Term Effects from the American Revolution


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Here are the short and long term effects of the American Revolution, on America and the world...

Short Term Effects:
For America:
A new republic shone as a symbol of freedom to European countries and to reformers in Latin America. White men could still only vote for a century before voting rights and protection under law were extended. (Prentice Hall: World History: Connections To Today.)
For the world:
Enlightenment ideas inspired American colonists and brought changes to Europe, too. Europeans took up cry for freedom. Absolute monarchs in Europe saw powers reduced. (Prentice Hall: World History: Connections To Today.)
Long Term Effects:
For America:
Created a more progressive government and freedom for the U.S. They got a constitution and representative government. America got the freedom to vote and protection under law came into place later. (Prentice Hall: World History: Connections To Today.)
For the world:
Britians lost the war, and other countries now have America to deal with in political affairs now that it is a free country, with its independence.

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